Visualisation graphique de la comptabilité sans effort

Transformez et visualisez les données comptables de vos clients en 2 minutes, pas en quelques heures.

We help accountants and their clients communicate with one another through customizable graphs instead of spreadsheets and pivot tables. What does this mean? With Vizmatch, accountants can analyze, visualize, customize their clients’ financial data which clients can then use to focus on what matters most to them: reporting business results. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and pivot tables and say hello to understandable and actionable business analytics. Visualize your clients' operations & cash flows anytime, anywhere. Whatever aspect of your clients' businesses you need to visualize, Vizmatch can help. Talk to our data experts.

Here are some examples of how we could present your client's data

Ce Que Disent Nos Clients

What Vizmatch can do for you.

Clear, actionable insights

Present your data in such way that your clients can understand them and take action

Automated Reporting

Save time as you gain visibility into your clients' financial data

Dynamic Mapping

Map your clients' accounts into the Standard Chart of Accounts

Machine learning

Optimize your clients' reporting

Business Intelligence

Get actionable data, critical insights, custom KPIs and more

Secure Platform

Keep your clients' data safe with 256-bit encryption

Let's get started

Select the accounting software you use below to see how we transform your data

Vizmatch is currently integrated with Quickbboks, Xero, Ibizasoftware, idylis with more partners to come. Want to get your accounting software integrated with Vizmatch more quickly? Let us know here

Watch Vizmatch in action

Ils nous font confiance, rejoingnez-nous

Accounting firms can analyze their clients' data with Vizmatch. Easily integrate data from the best online accounting software and start visualizing business metrics, reports and dashboards - No CSVs, no spreadsheets, no SQL required.

Automated, smart business insights

Vizmatch helps accounting firms transform, analyze and visualize their clients' data.

So, if you are an accountant, what are you waiting for? It only takes few minutes to start helping your clients move their business forward.

Pourquoi Vizmatch

Founded by a former accountant slash surfer who wanted to infuse fun and cool
into the stereotypical, dry, boring world of accounting by making it visual first

"When I owned my own accounting firm, I started helping my clients understand their business by building visual reports they could understand and use. After seeing that these graphs helped them make informed business decisions and allowed them to focus on business results (and not on interpreting excel spreadsheets), I created Vizmatch so other accountants and their clients could have the same success. With Vizmatch, my goal is for accountants and their clients to work and communicate better, with the hope, that together we will make a world where fast access to critical information make a difference in our lives."

Wilfried Chung, CEO and founder of Vizmatch