We empower accounting firms with automated real-time insights so they can stay on their customers' shoulders while they grow and archive their vision

Going digital is not a choice anymore. It's a must. Let us help you make this transition. Get rid of complicated spreadsheets, simplify the way you communicate your numbers and drive growth for your clients.

Automatically transform your accounting data into augmented easy-to-read insights

Give your clients the right advice at the right time for fast and informed decisions.

Organize your charts and understand your numbers at your finger tips

Once you've selected the charts you need from our library, you can instantly resize and organize them. You can also see the trial balance and the ledger for every chart in one click and thereby check your data.

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“ We finally found a tool to explain our numbers with ease. ”
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Advisor Check tells your clients which numbers are reliable

We believe advisors have a big role to play advising their clients. Advisor Check allows advisors to work closely with their clients. Every month, the advisor can monitor their clients' business health and validate the numbers by sending notifications and discussing them with their clients.

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“ Vizmatch is truly an analytics tool made for the accountants. This is the tool we needed! It helps us advise our clients more efficiently. ”

Pre-built charts library

Start building your first accounting dashboard in minutes. Check out our library and start now. Monitor your clients' business health looking at : cashflows, their clients, their suppliers, their net income, sales, margins and finally their expenses.

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“ Vizmatch lets us focus on bringing value to our clients instantly. ”

Build your own charts, using accounting language, not code or SQL

Select your accounts, combine them with external metrics, choose your options and you are ready to go. Talk to our data experts for specific visuals, charts, graphics you need to better explain your numbers and we will create them for you. Advise your clients and let us “play” with complex queries, we are here for you.

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“ Vizmatch truly helps us, the accountants, to communicate in ways we couldn't before. ”


See how Vizmatch works with your favorite accounting software to help you do more than just bookkeeping. Turn your data into visual representations that your audience can understand.
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US - Online accounting software with API capabilities

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US - Online accounting software with API capabilities

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US - Online accounting software with API capabilities

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FR - Online accounting software with API capabilities

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FR - French Online accounting software with API capabilities

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FR - French FEC is a the French mandatory accounting format

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FR - French Online accounting software with API capabilities

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Loop Software

FR - French Online accounting software with API capabilities

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DE - German Online accounting software with API capabilities

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Want to try Vizmatch?

Trusted by more than 300 CPAs

Mathieu Thiersé - Expert-comptable
“Business owners expect more forward-looking advice and support from their Chartered Accountant. We looked for a solution to provide CIKLEA customers with dashboards updated in real time on which to base our advice. We wanted this tool to be intuitive for our customers to use, but also easy to set up by all of our employees. We found in Vizmatch a solution adapted to this need.”
Mathieu Thiersé
Certified Public Accountant, CIKLEA
Mathieu Thiersé - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch allows us to support our clients with simple charts that are interconnected with our accounting tool. Above all, from click to click, the customer finds a link to the document (hidden) behind the numbers ! A real plus beyond charts”
Jacques Parent
Certified Public Accountant, ACCOMPLYS
Lydie Rousse - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch is perfect for our customers. They can easily access their key indicators at any time. Our customers mostly small businesses appreciate to access this online tool where the numbers are clearer for them! This application has enabled us to modernize our practice and strengthen our ties with our clients.”
Lydie Rousse
Certified Public Accountant, ACCOUNTAE
Franck Moussion - Expert-comptable
“We have been looking for a dashboard tool for our clients for several years without having to manually re-enter the accounts. With Vizmatch, the integration of our data is easy and generates a simple and very visual dashboard. Our SMBs' customers appreciate finding their indicators on their tablet or mobile phone. Vizmatch gives a digital and modern image of the firm.”
Franck Moussion
Certified Public Accountant, SOGEXA
Fabienne Mazigh Berthelot - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch is an excellent solution to serve our customers with: budget and cash flow forecasting; reporting with financial indicators. It brings real added value in advising and supporting our clients. I highly recommend this tool.”
Fabienne Mazigh Berthelot
Certified Public Accountant
Boris Sauvage - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch allows us to provide our customers with a simple and visual dashboard. It is also the possibility for them to find all the accounting operations and to display the invoices behind each indicators, each chart that we present to them. The ease of use, both for clients and for the practice team, won us over. We can now offer direct access to customer accounts without manual intervention.”
Boris Sauvage
Certified Public Accountant, XTREMUM
Amélie Destailleurs - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch is an essential solution to bring a clear vision of its accounting to our clients. This allows them to access their numbers wherever they are. I like the training offered, the reasonable rates and the promise of a responsive and available team.”
Amélie Destailleurs
Certified Public Accountant, AD EXPERTISE ET CONSEILS
Yann Chappuit - Expert-comptable
“Our firm is very focused on digital and supports more and more start-ups and groups. We needed a dashboard that was simple to deploy and that we could easily adjust to the tailor-made requests of our customers. The big plus of Vizmatch is to allow our customers to view their invoices associated with entries inside fulll. It is now the entry point for our customers in their accounts, in a visual and intuitive way. Big thumbs up to Vizmatch!”
Yann Chappuit
Certified Public Accountant, EXTEND PARIS
Nathalie Chappuit
“We were looking for a solution based on the latest technologies to offer dashboards to our customers. Vizmatch's ultra-competitive pricing approach allows us to deploy the solution on all of our files without questioning profitability. In addition, the synchronization with fulll is perfect and we can pool the indicators according to the types of clients, which saves time. Congratulations to the Vizmatch teams”
Nathalie Chappuit
Certified Public Accountant, NOE COMPTA
Erik Decourtray - Expert-comptable
“We would like to thank Wilfried Chung and its analytics software Vizmatch, which provides an easy way to deliver business insights and for its personalized support. Through Vizmatch, we assist and coach our clients monitoring their cashflows”
Nora Vartanyan
Certified Public Accountant
Sandrine Bodin Leboucher - Expert-comptable
“The most pleasant thing when presenting Vizmatch ... It's the wahoo effect ... From the start of the presentation, the client's eyes sparkle. In 10 minutes, all the accounting data are reassembled and the first dashboard are already visible. Vizmatch is a simple, effective tool that allows us to present monthly reports in times of crisis. The tool also allows us to create and enter indicators allowing us to track non-accounting variables.”
Franck Bellaiche
Financial Director Associate
Jean-Luc Vannier - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch is an eye opener ! Finally there is a tool that takes us, the accountants, away from our jargon, and allows us - in just a few clicks - to visually present striking business trends to our customers.”
Jean-Luc Vannier
Associé cabinet d'expertise comptable CLYPER
Erik Decourtray - Expert-comptable
“From the client's point of view, Vizmatch gives them a new way of seeing and understanding their data that are unique to their business. This is a real win/win for both the accouting firms as well as their clients.”
Erik Decourtray
Certified Public Accountant
Sandrine Bodin Leboucher - Expert-comptable
“Vizmatch's ability to automatically update our clients' data using our accounting software APIs, is a real time saver and allows us to further engage with our existing clients and attract new potential clients.”
Sandrine Bodin Leboucher
Certified Public Accountant
Matthieu Vialay - Expert comptable
“It is the tool by itself that made me sign the contract. It brings a solution for our customers that I have been looking for for a long time. I set up Vizmatch for clients who need indicators to drive their business. Based on the result, I will get together with my clients and I will continue to add more organisations to my plan. I know this will be positive.”
Matthieu Vialay
Certified Public Accountant
Erik Decourtray - Expert-comptable
“This analytics software is rather pleasant, importing all our accounting data is quite easy and the resulting dashboards and graphics are clear. The cost of the sofware is very reasonable and makes it very easy to deploy customized dashboards to our customers and employees. The Vizmatch team is responsive and attentive. We recommend this analytics software which allows us to offer a clearer follow-up to our customers who are requesting it and thus to modernize our business.”
Yann Bigot
Certified Public Accountant

A small but mighty team

The company is based in San Francisco and was incorporated in 2016
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Wilfried Chung
Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, always learning and implementing new things
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James Clark
Chief Tehnology Officer
Geek, Fullstack Developer
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Angelika Blendstrup, PhD
Advisor, Mentor 500 Startups
Venture Partner SV Latam Capital
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Tarun Wadhwa
Advisor, Entrepreneur
Strategist, Author, Instructor CMU
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Francesco Mosconi, PhD
Advisor, AI Expert
Chief data scientist Catalit Data Science
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Ed Fernandez
Advisor, Entrepreneur
Investor Naiss Capital